Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Book review from the Village Gamer

The web site the Village Gamer spotlighted my book. This is a very informative site about news and information about Canadian interactive studios and products. "On our pages you will find news exclusively about companies which, if not purely Canadian, have a strong and active Canadian presence, with a Canadian business location. We endeavour to become that global voice for our national interactive media industry which becomes heard around the world, striving to grow into a national resource for both those who reside within our borders and those who don’t."

"Late last year, I was a participant in a conversation with game design students regarding freelance work. I came across a book today in my morning email travels which, while I haven’t read it (but I probably will), was written by Canadian freelance illustrator and author Holly DeWolf. While many students are lucky and easily find work at established studios, it has been a topic of conversation about how schools don’t really prepare their graduates for the freelance world."

Thank you Village Gamer. Cheers!

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