Friday, June 25, 2010

My alumni spotlight from NSCAD University

I am proud to say I made it to the alumni gallery page at NSCAD University. I attended NSCAD for five long, creative and expensive years. Much of that time was spent creating, doing assignments, drinking coffee, bursting my budget and growing up. Outside of all the creative learny stuff, I also l learned that:

• Coffee is the fifth food group and can be consumed at any hour of the day. If your lucky while in University, you can live by a 24 hour caffiene distributer like I did.
• Sleep is not on the curriculum. You just don't need it!
• Roommates should come with warning labels.
• Wearing black will keep you clean in drawing class, mixing photographic chemicals, paint spils.... coffee spills at 3 am!
• Going to a 24 hour school means you never have to leave or eat a well balanced diet!
• Having design teachers from Germany meant you end up learning how to swear in a whole new way. Yeah, we broke the code.
• I appreciate my Macbook everyday because I started on a Mac LC which had a monitor the size of a postage stamp. It's a wonder I'm not blind!
• Having an art history class at 8:45 am is cruel.
• Design markers leave vapor trails especially when everyone is using them at the same time! I think we saw through time! .
• Drawing class that involves nudes is not for the shy. My poor brain!
• X-acto knives are really sharp! They cut through illustration board, tables, clothing...fingers!
• And lastly, art supplies are unbelievably expensive. It really can cut into your coffee budget and that is not good!

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