Friday, December 10, 2010

What to get the illustrator on your Christmas list.

I have been asked by some creative folks what I think are good illustrator gifts. That's a tough one since I am more about giving than receiving. So after some pondering and mulling that question over with a cup of coffee, I came up with this list:

1. An itunes card- pretty basic but if you're anything like me you need the right mix of tunes to move your creativity along.

2. A copy of the 2011 Artist's and Graphic Designer's Market- This is a must for the bookshelf. For 36 years this has been an invaluable resource for artists, illustrators, designers and cartoonists who want to market themselves in the right direction. It is updated every year in a easy to follow format that way your promotional mailers and other marketing efforts go to the right people and to the right address.

3. A membership to Hire An Illustrator- which reminds me... I need to join that the coming year.

4. A fun desk toy- we all need toys for our desk for mini moments of distraction. Plus this adds a bit of optimistic whimsy to the table!

5. A week of mentoring advice from Ilise Benum the Marketing mentor- If anyone can get your marketing efforts into shape it is her. "With Marketing Mentor, you always have an expert by your side!"

6. A notebook- A really great notebook helps any creative idea from getting away! I prefer spiral bound books for ease of use. Anything in the 6" by 9" size range is good so it will fit nicely in a bag, desk and night stand for those moments of brilliance.

7. A gift card from their favourite art supply shop- there are many to choose from but an essential gift that helps keep those projects moving along and makes clients happy!

8. Tickets to the 2011 How Design conference- the conference the coming year will be held in the windy city of Chicago June 24-27.

9. Coffee- gifts of cool mugs, coffee beans, coffee cards are always welcome for those long creative days of productivity and those late nights too!

10. A really awesome USB pen- for those quick storage needs and printing jobs why use any old pen when you can find one that rocks your creative socks off!

11. A subscription to How magazine- since 1985 this magazine's goal has been to help designers and illustrators run successful creative and profitable studios. They mix business, technology, creative needs, tips, spotlights of movers and shakers in the design world wrapped up in a great magazine.

12. Lastly, a copy of my book, Breaking Into Freelance Illustration: the guide for artists, designers and illustrators- this is a bit of self-promotion but on a good note I have had a lot of interest in another book by many illustrators and aspiring illustrators and I am happy to say a book is in progress come the new year!