Friday, March 16, 2012

Marketing And Other Golden Rules!

I recently came in contact with a company that tried to use hard sell tactics on me. Needless to say it didn't work and they did not make their sale. Surprise!

There are many reasons why this did not win me over:
1. The information I wanted should have been available on their site. Why all the secrecy?
2. They required my phone number to explain to me what I needed. I'm pretty sure I can decide that on my own if the information is there in front of me.
3. It was a long distance call to my iPhone twice! Huge mistake that I will be billed for!
4. I asked them the first time not to call but email me instead. They failed to obey my wishes and called anyway. Their response to me was, "But this is how we contact our clients!"
5.They failed to listen to my needs.
6. If they are in the business to help people run their businesses then they need to do that instead of inconveniencing them and wasting their time!
7. They hung up on me after I brought it to their attention that this approach was unacceptable and completely unprofessional!

Marketing Fail 101

This company forgot I was part of the equation. Perhaps this was due to them being on a commission basis. Money and making the sale was the only focus.

They never did help me. They never gave me the information I initially asked for to begin with. I still have no idea if they could have helped my business or not. Instead, it became like work. It was a  secretive cloak and dagger maneuver all the way!

If they wanted my business, they should have given me the information I asked for. Sounds simple right? I do not need to be called on my phone to be sold services like a used car salesmen.  The sad part about this-their business is supposedly designed to help illustrators, designers and many others in the art industry.

I Was Reminded...

• Listening to a potential client is HUGE!
• If they ask for information about what you do, provide it. Don't make them wait for it or work for it.
• Marketing does not include harassing people, inconveniencing them or being defensive.
• Include them in the process.
• Market to clients the same way you want to be marketed to!
• Be nice!

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