Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Latest!

© Holly DeWolf

I'm excited to have been chosen for a new writing gig! I'll give you a hint: 
freelance illustration and design are the main theme. I'll keep you posted! 
This year is starting off just the way I had hoped! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

3 Good Lists & 2 Manifestos To Start 2012!

Holstee Manifesto Poster

This year, I'm not feeling the need to make any large lists and resolutions for New Years. What I do like are some of the great posts that have come up online lately focussing on better codes to live by. I'm pretty sure these lists can apply to a freelance illustrators career as well. Have a read! 

4. 25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing
5. Five Manifestos for the Creative Life!

Upcoming posts:
• Good Illustration Codes To Live By.
• If I Were An Art Teacher...

Monday, January 9, 2012

Illustration Notes is on How Design's Top Ten Websites For Designers!

What a great way to start the week and the new year! I am very honoured to be part of the How Design's Top Ten this month.

As many of you know, illustration and education is a pretty big deal for me. It's a great industry and it deserves all the promotion and the support it can receive. This year I plan on doing more when it comes to mentoring, teaching while adding more great information to this blog. With any luck, I'll be adding another book on the subject too!

Thank you How Design!