Friday, February 3, 2012

Good Illustration Codes To Live By! Part 1!

© Holly DeWolf

We all have little systems and ways of working that keep us on sharp! Here are some of my little creative reminders that help me along the way:

• Use the in between time!
Don't stop working just because you do not have a gig! 
• Stay true to your style!
If it's not comfortable or natural, it may not be worth deviating from the norm! 

• Thank 'em!
Got followers who repost your stuff? Thank them for the promotion and this will help build your community. 

• Follow up!
Always follow up a meeting with a client or a promotion with a friendly reminder note. 

• Promote with purpose! 
Tell them why you are contacting them and what you are looking for. Define what you do!

• Do one scary thing daily!
No skydiving required here but just a movement in the right direction. Dreading that phone call to a client, or asking for payment? That little voice is nagging you so there's no time like the present. The great part-the energy rush can work better than coffee! 

• Create work for yourself!
Create something for yourself that your portfolio would like is a great asset to your work week. Pick a theme or make a series that will keep your style moving in the right direction!  

• Write that down! 
Never let those great ideas fly away. 

• Live with your notebook!
Now that you've written it down, start carrying that notebook everywhere! 

• Stop and look around! 
Leave your desk. Leave the office. Go out to coffee, to a movie but step away from work at least once daily to recharge. It's good for you!

• Instagram it! 
Got a smart phone? Use it and take pictures with the app instagram.  How does this help with your illustration? It gives you another perspective while helping you organizing things within a frame!

• Promote what you've got! 
Don't feel ready? That's ok, none of us are. That website, that promotion and that maketing will never be perfect so just begin... somewhere! Keep on creating on! be continued!