Thursday, August 9, 2012

Diary Of An Illustrator

I have a another blog where I chat about the day to day things I do as a freelancer such as: job seeking, latest projects, tiny victories, the ups and downs and all the other things we illustrators do to stay alive. I try to keep it all down to earth. 

My latest post- Going It Alone

"In this blog I plan on being much more open and honest about my career ups and downs. These are just observations because even though I've accomplished a lot, I still have to work pretty hard to keep it all going. To many in the industry, some illustrators look like they have it pretty easy. What appears on the outside is only a glimpse of how hard illustrators work. Does luck play a part? Absolutely! However, working your creative ass off takes care of the rest. In a nutshell, I work my ass off and I probably work harder than some. But then again, its all relative right?"

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