Saturday, September 29, 2012

Illustration Tip- Creating A Colour Palette For Reference

I've been a little absent here on the Illustration Notes blog because I've been knee deep in deadlines. Currently I'm illustrating my very first children's book. All I can say is I am illustrating sea creatures so it's going to be a mix of colours. 

As part of the learning process and keeping it all together and organized, I created a colour palette. Why do this? Creating a colour reference card helps for many reasons:

1. Continuity
Having a reference sheet helps me create colour continuity. Since this is my first children's book and it requires 16 panels plus the cover, I need to make sure I keep everything visually flowing. 

2. Possible Revisions
Hopefully there wont be any changes needed (knocking on wood) but if there is, I'll have a reference. So, if you are a computer illustrator or a traditional illustrator these colour swatches can save you time and hassels.

3. Supplies Could Run Out
On large projects like this it's not unusual to run out of paint. This handy-dandy colour reference sheet will aid you in remixing new palettes. 

4. It's A Great Colour Guide For Clients
Your clients might want to know what common continual colours that will be repeated during the project. They could get a jump start on a layout and certain fonts by having an idea of the colour flavour of the book or illustration project. 

5. Future Projects
This colour guide can help you come up with ideas for those illustrations assignments down the road. 

The palette sheet does not need to be large as you can see from my pictures. I used 1" x 1" squares and that gives me plenty of space to throw down a good sample of colour. I also jotted down what I used certain colours for such as 'sand', 'water' and 'water detail'. I left blank squares for additional colours that maybe needed.

So, whether you are a hands-on illustrator or a computer illustrator, try creating one to see if it helps with your colour quandaries and to help keep your projects continuity on the right track.