Sunday, December 9, 2012

Merry Creativemas- Top Gift Picks For Illustrators & Designers!

It's that time again- My annual top gifts for illustrators & designers! This year I came across gifts that are useful, creative, geeky and good for those moments when you need a creative break! I could have made this list a mile long so I narrowed it down-I'm sure once you start poking around on these link sites you'll find more! Merry Creativemas! 

Jot Pen for your IPad - Great for doodling or for quick notes!

How Conference - Definitely a must if you can make it to San Fran in 2013! 

• Top Picks 12 Days of Savings on How/Prints books. Mine is there too (insert book plug here) + Save 40% on all these editors' favorites! No coupons needed. 

2013 Children's Writer's and Illustrators Market - A must for your bookshelf! 

iTunes cards for useful apps - Some apps are great but not always free! 

• Minibru Coffee Mug - Great for coffee types and time pressed moments! 

• USB Toaster Hub and Thumbdrives - We can never have enough!

• Floppy Disk Drink Coaster - Useful, tidy, retro and plain geeky! 

• Drinklip Portable cupholder - Good for those moments when you could accidentally dip your paint brush into your coffee... which is forbidden! 

Stick- Up Weekly Calendar - Handy for those in-your-face reminders we need from time to time! 

Wing Stand For Your iPad & iPhone - Useful for coffee outings or client meetings! 

Fly Library Book Shelf - Perfect for the book lovers that need everything within reach! 

• Boogie Board LCD Tablet - Doodling is important and quick note making too! 

• Xtensor Gamer Hand Exerciser - Great for exercising tired hands! 

Photo Clip Mobile - Handy for those millions of sticky notes you cannot part with! 

Decision Maker - Simply for those unsure moments! 

• 9 ft. Cable for iPad & iPhone - Seriously, do they make those cords short enough? This will help when you need to stretch out a bit! 

The Web design Sketchbook - A helpful sketchbook to get those web ideas down! Great for showing clients too!

• 24 Pc Sharpie Marker Set with Zippered Storage Case - For the Doodlers out there extraordinaire! 

• Eco Jot Sketchbook - 9x12 - It's enviro friendly, its a great size and you can add your own creative touch for the cover!