Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Years Project: Cue Card Reminders For Goal Keeping

When I think of cue cards I think of those dreaded High School presentations we all had to do. Cue cards always saved the day when your mind would vacate due to sheer boredom or total fear! Nowadays most of us use these little rectangular cards for our favourite tasty recipes. 

New year goals disappear just as quickly as you make them. To keep motivated on tasks we need all the tips, tricks and inspiration that we can get. What can work: old school reminders that are right in our face! ...or on your desk to be specific! 

"A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.” 

In all honesty, I do like the concept behind making goals and new years Resolutions but trying to make them stick feels like another job. I prefer combining my ideas about goals into a well thought out plan of attack!

My Philosophy-Write That Down!

If you've got things you want to accomplish and you have ideas how to make it happen; you really shouldn't let them get away. Write down what you want, what you need to do, what you hope for and the process that it will take to achieve it. Make it as detailed as you need it to be. This will solidify your thoughts.

You're probably wondering what the difference between a goal and a plan is. The goal is the idea you want to achieve and the plan maps it out. In order for that goal to be met you will need to know how to get from point A to point B and so forth. For example, you may have a plan to lose 20 lbs-but how will you meet that goal? What steps will make that happen? Saying it, writing it down and wanting it is part of the process but it is the actions you take that will make it a success.

Success Is In The Details!

Wishful list making means a full recycling bin! This is why I will make the resolution to not make any more useless non detailed lists without a plan of attack. 

We've all heard of mind mapping- It's diagram used to visually outline an idea. It starts off with a single word or text placed in the center-from there ideas branch off from the initial text by associating more ideas, words and concepts to work it all out. Cue cards can be a simpler form of that but in point form. 

Things to map out: why, how, and when. It's good to know why you want to do this. This is the motivating part of the goal. The 'how' part breaks down how this is all going to happen. Your time frame is the urgency part. If you do not give yourself a deadline you are more likely to put it off. Some goals will happen over time and some can happen with 1 to 2 steps.

Best advice: keep your ideas and plans in reality. It's good to have plans and goals but make sure they are achievable.

The Project:
This is a fairly easy, inexpensive and time friendly project to do if you need reminders that are tangible and right there in front of you. Another approach is to combine this task to your reminder apps on your laptop, iPad or phone. 

What you need:

• Cue cards
• Hole punch
• Unlocking key rings
• Highlighter
• A good reminder apps such as Awesome Note, Due2Do, Wunderlist, and TeuxDeux


How to work it:

1. Mark down 1 task on 1 cue card.
2. Break down the task- what has to be done and how.
3. Make notes-try to include as much information needed for each task. This creates a sense of importance and urgency. Jot down anything associated with the idea to help make it real. 
4. Set a time limit and schedule for each task. 
4. When you complete a task, colour it in with a highlighter.
5. Always keep it on your desk right in front of you. 
6. Set reminders to check it and to focus on it during the week. 

Hope this jumps starts some ideas for you in your New Years plans. Every idea counts! Next article will be: Turning The Comparison Habit Into Research. See you then. Have the best week everyone. 


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