Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Be Ready For Clients!

If you were contacted by a potential client to send samples of your work, a link to your website or requests for a promo would you be ready? 

Most of us are not completely ready or as ready as we'd like to be.

When we do get the call, the panic starts. We start worrying about the state of our website or whether we have any materials to send. We worry about our work. We worry about our experience. Then we worry some more until procrastination mixed with panic sets in. Not fun!

Here is the reality: If an art director contacted you, it's best not to make them wait. If you do, they could move onto to someone else. 

Wouldn't it be nice if these moments could be exciting or a positive step in your career that you could look forward too? 

It's easy when your preparedness meets up with your opportunity!  

How To Be Prepared: 
• Keep your website up to date.
• Keep your blogs up to date.
• Have tear sheets/sample sheets printed and ready to send.
• Create a sample sheet in pdf form.
• Update your CV on a regular basis. 
• Have lo res image samples set aside in a file for emails.
• If your website has not been updated, you can always create a SlideShare of your work or send them a link to websites you belong to such as Hire An Illustrator or That's My Folio 
• Have a list of links set aside of interviews, spotlights and other sites that showcased your work. 
• Have at least 3 contacts/references in case they want to enquire about you, your work and your working style.

Basically, this is your own system for getting your info out there quickly to land that project. If it's all ready, then there is no room for worry.  You can't always know when these moments will happen. Be prepared for the fortuitous moments this career offers because freelancing is like that! 

You should never be surprised when someone contacts you about your work- you should expect it. You worked hard for it. You should welcome it. You should be ready to enjoy the experience!  

Have a great work week. Coming up next on Illustration Notes: Good Creative Codes To Live By Part 4. 


Minnie Sakuntala said...

Soooo Helpful, as always!!! Thank you! :D

Holly DeWolf said...

You're welcome & Thank you Minnie! All the creative best to you! ~Holly :)