Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Good Creative Codes To Live By Part 4!

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© Holly DeWolf 

1. Pick up a pencil. Doodle. Write down that idea. Focus on a word, a song lyric or something witty. Creativity is not computer dependent!

2. Admit that your constant multitasking can be bad for your productivity. Narrow it down into workable daily tasks that wont have you running.  

3. Remind yourself that you are being googled. Possible clients, art buyers, agents, or art directors do follow links and look illustrators up. Make sure during that 10 seconds to impress them, they are able to find you. 

4. Use your blog as a networking tool. Your blog is a record of what you're creating and focusing on. This record will represent you online. The more you post, the more it will boost your search result ranking when someone googles your name

5. Do something daily with at least one of your good ideas. 

6. Make self promotion a top priority! No one will hire you if they don't know you exist!

7. Never be surprised when someone contacts you about your work- you should expect it. You worked hard for it. You should welcome it. You should be ready to enjoy the experience! 

8. Some of the best ideas start off as a doodle! It's random. It's like slacking off but in a good way-a visual way! 

9. Take an hour for creativity everyday! "The irony of creative commitment is that it’s deeply freeing. Having a regular creative hour frees you from the internal critic. Committing to the freedom to just make something for yourself removes a type of barrier that can aid in client work too." Read more here.

10. You are not just an illustrator- you are also telling a story. Visualize that in your next promotions. 

Next up Illustration Notes: Illustration Fiction We Tell Ourselves.

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