Monday, February 25, 2013

Just Keep Posting!

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I know I don't say this nearly enough but nice tweet! 

We create great content, great posts and great work. We spend time setting it up with all the usual hashtag bells and whistles. You post it then wait and wait for it...and nothing! Let the crickets start their engines! 

Ironically, Twitter is a wordy based app with a teeny tiny 140 character word count. What's even more challenging is that word count limit may change to 117! 

What trips us up is the conversational style that tweets have. We get to chat through our computers to a whole pile of people. Quite often it feels like you're just talking to your computer...alone.  

"Tweet as if everyone is reading!" -Jon Friedman @jonfriedman

In a recent article from Kike Calvo-10 Twitter Tips for Photographers and Artists from from National Geographic, "We must be willing to share our knowledge. Twitter works based on the Karma: The more you supply, the more you get back." @kikecalvo 

I'm going to share some social networking advice I've been learning:
• Use Hootsuite to pre-write posts. This gives you a chance to mull over your ideas, witty thoughts and links. 
• Be mindful of what words you use but be yourself. You are what you tweet.
• Be aware of certain peak times to post content. They suggest 8 am to 5 pm. 
• Letter count- leave room for RT's. 
• Don't forget links.
• Repost links, info and articles you find interesting.
• Join in on conversations, industry chats, ask for feedback and advice.  
• Add hashtags- again making them relevant to your posts. 
• Have at least one hashtag.
• Post content that you would mostly read. 
• Post about something cool, funny, interesting-it's not always about you.
• Post about something new. 
• Make sure you give credit to your content sources. 
• Create lists to help you classify the content/people you want to follow. 
• Reply to RT's, mentions and replies. Share the love and say thank you! 

"Twitter is not a technology. It's a conversation. And it's happening with or without you." -Charlene Li, co-author of Groundswell @charleneli 

It seems we do get caught in likes, RT's and the number of followers. Hard not to. Keep in mind, Twitter is reciprocal and repetitive process. You don't need to live on Twitter and post incessantly (please sleep) but throughout the day it's good to plug in and try to be available. Just keep posting! 

"I tweeted a joke about ninjas and nobody saw it." 

You are being heard but keep in mind we are competing with endless amounts of information daily-it never stops! The idea is to develop good relationship with being online kind of like (but not quite) with a real live person. Keep in mind- you are not going to have a whole conversation on twitter. It's a conversation starter-Twitter is great for finding people who have similar ideas. Just remind yourself that a tweet is better than a chirp!   

Have a great week. Next up Illustration Notes: Illustration Fiction We Tell OurselvesAnd on that note, please follow me @hollydewolf 

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