Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Creative Hour!

The Creative Hour
©Holly DeWolf- No Rules! 

"If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased." ~ Katharine Hepburn

It's true that a change in routine is as good as a rest. I think we can all relate to that theory since January was a mix of cold temperatures and flu germs. Yes indeed, January did get the better of me which brought my household to a feverish lazy stop! 

Now that we're in the first week of February, I'm reminded the pressure is on to stay motivated to make this the best year yet despite being MIA for 2 weeks.

The extra pressure we all put on ourselves to get it just right is huge. On top of this urgency, we must combat shorter days, lack of light, and for many of us, very bad weather. The winter months can really dampen your creative patience. 

The funny part- we don't necessarily get tired of our work or bored. What happens is we often lose focus or we get burned out! Burnout has a way of sneaking in this time of the year when we're busy running around doing our business thing!

We all know the feeling- that draggy tired overwhelmed brain fog accompanied by the need to nap! Life, bills and deadlines can feel larger than they need to. Burnout can prevent you from enjoying work all together! We know deep down we must not cave in to lazy moments but we sometimes do. 

We need to stop and have creative freedom from time to time. Not all projects inspire us to give it our all. What's worse-there may not be any projects at all so it's all business all the time to find work. This can be exhausting. Illustrators put in more unpaid time than paid time which is the frustrating part of our career. 

"Positivity fuels productivity."- Marc And Angel Hack Life

When your energy has wiped you out in the wrong direction, it's time to turn it around. Be kind to yourself. Stop and give yourself a break with your Own Private Creative Hour. How does this help? 
1. This time is all about you.
2. This time does not require clients or feedback. 
3. There isn't a deadline.
4. There are no rules to follow.
5. This time does not require thumbnails or roughs.
6. You are allowed to do what you want.
7. It's a distracting diversion but on the positive side that is good for you.
8. Failure, mess and letting go of control is necessary.
9. It can be the baby step that you need to get back on track.

"Y'know, I have this weird feeling that growing up is overrated." - Grace Manning from Once And Again

The irony of creative commitment is that it’s deeply freeing. Having a regular creative hour frees you from the internal critic. Committing to the freedom to just make something for yourself removes a type of barrier that can aid in client work too. 

So what should you make during this hour? Whatever you want whenever you want without rules! 

Need a little nudge? Try looking here: 
The Vine app- you can make short fun animated gifs. 
Over app- this lets you put great type on pictures. 
Pinterest- warning, this site can be pretty addictive when it comes to DIY!
Instructables- this is an amazing treasure trove of ideas. 
ManMade- DIY for the guys out there! 
Dollar Store Crafts- perfect for us savvy frugal types. 

Have a great week and enjoy your much needed me time! Coming up next on Illustration Notes: Be Ready For Clients! 

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