Friday, June 14, 2013

100 Things The World Should Know About Illustration.

1. My (insert town or city)_______________ needs more illustration!
2. The world needs an illustrators point of view.
3. Illustration is an act of courage, creative commitment and sacrifice.
4.The world needs our illustrated stories.
5. Great illustrations of hands and eyes really do melt hearts.
6. Illustrators are rarely bored.
7. Everything is so damn interesting all the time!
8. Images can build bridges between people and unite many through visual communication.
9. Home is not only where we live but also where we work too.
10. Illustration is positive communication.
11. Illustration shows how awesome our imaginations can be.
12. Staying up late to read a good illustrated book with a child is never time wasted.
13. Good ideas are never boring or wrong.
14. Hiring talent is always a great investment.
15. Great illustration gets people talking.
16. We go big. We go for different even when no one is paying attention.
17. Imagination takes us everywhere!

18. An illustration can jump start feeling and mood while enhancing text. 
19. A great illustrator/client relationship should be toasted! 

20. You can’t go wrong with ideas that happen 24/7 with no apparent off switch!
21. We stop for sunsets, cool graffiti, book stores, coffee shops and great conversations.
22. Talent is not always discovered- it's promoted. 
23. We are not afraid to take a chance.
24. Making things at our desk is always better than surfing online.
25. Talent deserves to be seen, to go viral!
26. Illustrated maps get you from point A to point B!
27. We challenge ourselves daily. We push our own limits gently but creatively.
28. We cannot hold back from showing others what we make! 
29. We can let you use our work on your projects but we cannot give it away. 

30. Practice makes great!
31. Illustration is the oldest form of communication. There are many cave paintings to back that statement up!
32. Our unique style is our brand!
33. We're not a hobby, we're a business.
34. Ideas can come out of no where. Random is good!
Some illustrators put in more hours a week than doctors do.
36. Illustration and narratives work hand in hand.
37. We are more than just image makers. We wear many hats!
38. The strength of illustration emphasizes certain details and ideas that we want our audience to see.
Illustrations helps us teach children.
40. Good ideas 
and good illustrations take time. But it's worth it! 
Illustration is the most fun we’ll ever have with our heads, heart and hands all at the same time! 
42. Illustrators make visual connections.
43. We make original one-of-a-kind work!
Illustration projects are not contests. 
45. We are not stock or clip art.
46. We make your skateboards look RAD!
It's a from of invention.   
48. It's a passion, a calling and a great creative habit!
49. Illustrators can work from anywhere. We think globally! 
50. We help sell magazines! 
51. We do not do support spec work. 
52. We understand the power of colour and detail has on our audience. 
53. The drawing is only the beginning! 
54. Freelance doesn't mean free. 
55. We don't follow our dreams, we chase them! 
56. You collect our work on posters, cards and other nifty trinkets. 
57. We let go of certainties and go with the unknown plus a lot of mess! 
58. We are self directed business types but on the creative side of things. 
59. We break rules. 
60. Illustrators cannot work for free.
61. We want good jobs and we also want to build relationships, networks and communities. 
62. Illustrators are also creative consultants. We help visualize your ideas!
63. We support each other in the good times and the bad.
64. We help book covers jump off the shelves!
65. Illustration is a process of ideas, sketches, revisions and final work.
66. We are information sponges!
67. We are contagious!
68. We help medical students learn about the human body. 
69. We never stop learning. 
70. Illustrators want you to feel like a kid again!
71. We help solve visual problems! 
72. Illustrations help you put your new furniture together. 
73. If it looks good in our portfolio, the finished piece will look good on you as well.
74. Our work looks good on your walls, t-shirts and coffee mugs!
75. We want to distract you, in a good visual way of course!
76. An illustrator’s flexibility can be your best asset.
77. Sometimes the process behind the illustration is the best part! 
78. We help bring animations to life. 
79. Think of illustration as thinking pictures.
80. Illustrations help bring fashion to life then to the runway!
81. Our work adorns wine labels and packaging.  
82. Illustrations visually represent whatever is being said or written.
83. You eat off our beautifully illustrated patterns. 
84. Our inspirations, curiosities and experiences can add a different spin to your projects. 
85. Illustrations make board game night more exciting. 
86. Our quick commutes and small expenses give us freedom to just create and run our business.
87. We help bring your ideas to life!
88. Our illustrations visualize the right emotion on that greeting card you just bought.
89. We want you look closer and pay attention more because our work has a message! 
90. We help companies have a distinct looking brand image! 
91. Our clients are a very important part of our business.
92. Illustration opens up the hand of thought! 
93. An illustrator is as imaginative as you need them to be.
94. An illustrator helps you make a good impression because we live to create stuff.
95. We give fabric and clothing more flair! 
96. Our versatility keeps this industry moving forward.
97. The world will always need imagery. Where there's opportunity, there's a way!
98. We want to see our industry thrive. 
99. We are willing to sacrifice some sleep, a weekend or a trip to the beach for a really great project!
100. Illustrators are in it for life!

So if you ever needed to explain to someone what illustration is about, this can help! Now it's your turn. Please add what you want to tell the world about illustration! Add them into the comment section and feel free to pass this on!

© Holly DeWolf 2013 

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